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Award-winning Chef Ewald Notter visits EdCC culinary program

Edmonds Community College is known for its outstanding culinary arts program and, as part of the learning process, top chefs are invited to visit. Recently, Chef Ewald Notter visited the bakery program to inspire the students to strive for excellence.

If you want to see inspiration in action, visit the EdCC College Cafe for lunch most Mondays – Thursdays, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., with last seating at 1 p.m. And if you want to become part of the EdCC Culinary Arts program, check out the college website.

For more information on Chef Ewald Notter, see his website, which notes his numerous awards: Chef Ewald Notter is the winner of over 15 gold medals, as well as National and World Pastry Team Champion, and Pastry Chef of the Year. As part of the 2001 U.S. National Team in Lyon, France, he scored the highest recorded score for sugar, 699 out of 700, helping the U.S. Team achieve its first and, so far, only Gold Medal. Chef Ewald has been honored by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences with the 5 Star Diamond award as “One of the Finest Confectionery Chefs of the World,” and was the first pastry professional inducted into the Pastry Art and Design Hall of Fame. He is founder and Director of Education of Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando, Florida.

–Janette Turner

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